15 Apr

Travel with Insurance!

Okay, so you’re going on holiday with your partner for a week to a beautiful beach resort or two weeks to America and the kids are already doing your head in. Packing your bags, the kid’s bags... your partners bags and the last thing you think of is travel insurance.After all, if something happens in your home country of Britain, your taken off to A&E and fixed for free, no charge to you... happy days.However, if something happens outside of Britain, everything is chargeable. Payable by you! Trust me.
Ambulances can be around £300 + if you need one to be called out.Then you have the medical bills including any surgery, hospital stay and pharmacy on top.Not to mention loss of all excursions you may have pre booked during your stay and any flights that you have had to cancel due to your accident or injury.You could be looking at forking out hundreds or thousands of pounds to cover yours or your loved one’s medical bill.There is however an upside to this, other than staying at home in a bubble wrap coat... Travel insurance! From as little as £8 you will have a good basic level of cover for your trip.Compare the Market is a great site which compares many travel insurances companies after you input your personal needs and details and finds the cover that best suits the needs for you and your family. Here is a link to their site.https://travel-journey.comparethemarket.com/?wip=5e36b22d72f1fd00015eeb40
Travel insurance also covers you for missed or cancelled flights, lost baggage and so much more. You can up your insurance to cover winter sports or even add annual travel so you’re always covered. Always ensure your insurance package is right for you.

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