15 Jan

What to pack

Not everyone’s the same, but hopefully you all love this blog and have an absolutely passion for travel!

One thing I hate is packing, even though I travel a lot, and I know exactly what I need to take, I always ponder over how many pants and tops I’m going to need... I’m getting anxious just thinking about it!

When it’s time to pack Steven normally crams his stuff into his rucksack within 5 minutes of getting his bag out, shouts ‘done’ and goes and sits downstairs. He knows I’m starting to get stressed just by him looking at me so it’s definitely always best he leaves me to it.

This definitely will not work for everyone however we like to travel light and efficiently. We have everything we need for as long as we need.

Pros - Fast, efficient, have everything with you, feel free.

Cons - Have to remove liquids and electrons at airport security... stow at top of rucksack for quick access.

This is what we take every time we go travelling.

  • Rucksack - mine is a Lowe Alpine 35L with extra 10L extendable capacity if needed. Easy access side zip which make life easy when needing to see what you have deep inside without having to take everything out. Breathable grill design keeps the rucksack off your back so you don’t get sweaty. This size bag fits in the cabin onboard all main size aircraft comfortable. This also saves us from checking our baggage in and waiting to collect at the other side. Some airlines may charge you an additional fee at the gate if they have a ridiculously small baggage policy. It’s up to you to weigh up the risk and maybe give it a shot?

  • Underwear - enough for your time away and a few spare if you’re going for a week. If you’re going for two weeks or longer you can think about finding a local laundrette or see if your hotel offers this service. If you are in an appointment you can check see if you have a washing machine which would be ideal. They may have a small amount of detergent available for you to use too.

  • Tops - Your probably going to go through tops faster than bottoms as you sweat. Think about versatility when packing, items that can be match with bottoms  easily, making packing decisions easier. Think of the climate your going to. Pack for that, e.g t-shirts or - sleeved tops. Always allowing for weather changes. I’d pack tops for day time and evening. e.g 1 weeks travelling I’d take 7 tops total. 

  • Bottoms - Similar as with tips, however I can get away with packing less bottoms than tops. e.g 1 weeks travelling I’d take 4 bottoms total.

Always roll your tops & bottoms to maximise space and reduce creating creases. If you are travelling for longer than 1 week, don’t just cram your rucksack until the clip snaps and lassoes you across the face. Your hotel or hostel may have a laundrette service or something available for you to do washing. If not, most towns & cities have. Do your research before you set off.

  • Swimming Shorts / bikini - even if you’re not heading to a hot destination you never know where you might discover a hot pool outside with thermal water naturally heated by the core of the earth. Ever thought of the thermal pools in Austria?

  • First Aid Kit - Invest in a travel first aid kit. Familiarise yourself with its contents and if you need to add your own additions do so. I keep some plasters in my kit in case of blisters from those long hikes. Ibuprofen is a pain relief medication I tend to keep in my kit also. You may want to pack an upset stomach tablet or sachet, as it’s always better to be prepared and not need, than be pooping and in need! Your local pharmacist can help advise you before your travels if in doubt.

  • Medication - Take with you what you need, plus a little extra incase of flight delays, or becoming stranded at your destination.

    Hiking Boots / Walking Trainersensure you have a good comfortable pair and wear them when you travel, this saves space in your rucksack. You’ll be happy you have these if you are to do a lot of walking and exploring as normal trainers just aren’t cut out for the job. The extra grip and support are obvious from the second you pop your little totties in. Even hiking around a cold wet rainy city for a weekend could save your relationship as the smell of wet sweaty trainers ain’t anybody’s cup of tea.

  • Trainers - I take a pair of black New Balance, there light weight, fit in my rucksack easily (even though I’m size 12 feet, it’s like a pair of skis) and they go great with jogger pants or jeans so I can wear them on an evening.

  • Waterproof Coat - I sound like my Grandma, but you never know what the weathers going to be like. I’m not saying you always need one of those huge duvet size coats with the Alsatian attached to the hood, my go to coat is a black Berghaus. It’s waterproof, windproof and has a hood that’s accessible when needed! This one doesn’t fart feathers and tear easily so you can get stuck in to exploring wherever you find yourself!

  • Toiletries - If you are taking a carry-on rucksack only then there is a limit to how much liquids you are allowed to take onboard the aircraft. Each passenger is allowed up to 100ml per item of liquids, gels or tooth paste and must fit into a one litre clear zip seal bag. Anything above this must be checked into hold luggage or thrown away at the airport.

  • Camera - Photos are memories! Our smart phones do it all now, however I love my Nikon DSLR when I travel. Downside is it’s bulky and takes a lot of room in my rucksack. I recommend a GoPro for those action shots like SCUBA diving or just for those great selfies at the top of a mountain !! Annoyingly I’ve got to take these electrics out my rucksack each time I go through airport security, I’m a nightmare. 😂

  • Plug Adapter & Phone Charger - Get the right adapter for the right part of the world. Remember to bring them home too!

  • Passport, Bank Card, Travel Insurance & Phone - Basically these four items alone, would set you up for a great adventure!!!

Enjoy your trip! If you feel I've missed anything, let me know via email or Instagram, I'm always excited to here from friends of the website.


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