The World Through My Lens, Turned To Art For Your Home.

"A picture speaks a thousand words.”

- Henrik Ibsen

Hello and welcome to my Studio!

Welcome to my online studio, where every click of the shutter captures a piece of my wanderlust-fueled adventures! I'm Jamie Cullen, an intrepid explorer and photography enthusiast based in Northern England. Here, amidst the digital pixels, I invite you to embark on a virtual journey across the globe.

Step into this online sanctuary, where each photograph serves as a window into the world's most enchanting corners. From the majestic peaks of the Carpathians, to the vibrant streets of Bangkok, my lens has captured the essence of diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes.

But this studio is more than just a display of images… it's a portal to exploration and discovery. With each photo, I share not only the visual beauty but also the stories and emotions behind the scenes. Whether it's the thrill of summiting a mountain or the serenity of a sunrise over the ocean, every image is a testament to the transformative power of travel.

As you browse through my curated collection, imagine yourself stepping into these scenes, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin or the crisp mountain air in your lungs. And if you feel inspired to bring a piece of this adventure into your own space, know that each photograph is available for purchase, ready to adorn your walls and ignite your wanderlust.

Join me as I continue to explore, capture, and share the wonders of our world. Together, let's embark on a journey of discovery—one click at a time.
Our Return To Iceland

After falling in love with Iceland I returned. One year later and I was North bound again headed to concur this prehistoric land, this time armed with tips & tricks to saving money and better navigate this land and also, I had a car!

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Christmas in Lapland

Want a truly Arctic experience? Reindeer, Husky Sledding, Snowmobiling, Aurora and Santa. We found it in Lapland!

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Prehistoric travels to Iceland

Exploring this moss covered lava land and knowing how volcanic it is has a pleasant prehistoric feel.. Geysers at every turn and humpback whales out in the open water... Truly a country of natural beauty.

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France Road Trip

One week road trip from England to Paris with a short stop off in Belgium. It’s easier than most think... 🤔 🚗

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How we ship.

How we ship.

Photograph with packaging (out dated photo new prints full A4,) ready for delivery to you.

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How Many Countries are out there?

All the country’s of our world listed here, have a look through and see how many you’ve been to...

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Never leave the UK without Travel Insurance! You never know when you may need it. Even the smallest of things could cost a fortune!

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Essential Apps you can’t travel without!

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What’s stopping you from visiting that country or place you have always been curious about?

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Our handy guide on what we recommend you pack when travelling... no matter how long your going, this setup should see you right!

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Flag of Planet Earth

Oskar Pernefeldt proposed the International Flag of Planet Earth. One Flag to unite our planet.

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