15 Jan

Identifying as a global citizen or citizen of earth rather than feeling too patriotic to a particular country or region, I found myself down an internet rabbit hole to see if such a flag had ever existed which matched those values. Turns out the answer is yes! Even more there has been several attempts to create a world flag to unite all humans on this one earth. 

In 2015, Swedish designer Oskar Pernefeldt proposed the International Flag of Planet Earth. The flag's design features seven interlinked rings: one in the center and six surrounding it, forming a flower-like shape. This symbolises the interconnectedness of life on Earth and the unity of its seven continents. The rings are set against a dark blue background, representing both the essential role of water in sustaining life and the Earth's oceans, which cover most of the planet's surface. The outer rings collectively form a circle, symbolising Earth, with the blue background representing the universe.

The flag's aspect ratio is 2:3. Initially created as Pernefeldt's graduate thesis, the flag gained international attention. Many speculate about its potential use in space travel, especially in the context of human missions to Mars which I am particularly excited for.

Here is a link to the official website Flag of Planet Earth https://www.flagofplanetearth.com/

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