15 Jan

Want to travel but scared of a particular destination?

What’s stopping you from visiting that country or place you have always been curious about? Is it the fear of the unknown? You are not alone in your thinking. Here’s my top tip to help you on your way to setting foot on the soil you dream to tread.

Don’t let others warn you not to travel because of their options of a certain place or country, because more likely than not, they’ve never been! Their only connection to that place or country is from the 'News' from long ago, which is often hyped up, exaggerated, portrayed in a way that benefits their narrative, whether it’s mainstream media, or articles on social media.

Do your own research on the place or country you want to travel to and don’t let others advise you when they ain’t got a clue.

Educate yourself from multiple angles and sources, there are many real people who have actually travelled to that destination. Look at TripAdvisor, government websites, cross referencing media platforms, informed travel experts and local tourist information if available as a point of reference and just do your own homework.

Another great way to become informed of a particular area or destination is to listen to a travel podcast. You can do this whilst travelling to or from work or while out walking. There's a huge selection on Spotify for example, a couple of my favourites are The Big Travel Podcast or The Travel Diaries. Some great inspiration and travel tips to be heard with interesting guests interviewed revealing their experiences from their travels from around the world. Podcasts are packed full of insights from real people who have travelled, their real experiences and often you will find one on the place you are looking to travel to specifically.

YouTube, Instagram reals and TikTok can be a good source of finding and researching a particular destination often with an almost live stream so you can get a bit of a feel and form part of your planning. 

You can find information on your government's website for foreign travel to a particular place which can aid your research.

If after you have conducted your own research and you decide against that particular place or country then that is your decision... at least you have control.
Good luck on your travels, be safe!

Jamie 🌍

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