04 Mar

Essential Apps

We all know we can’t live without our phones it’s probably the Paine of our life at times, however here’s some apps that I fine essential whilst travelling around our world.

1. Currency Converter PlusConverts currency in over 170 currencies and is updated constantly so you are always knowing what you’re paying. I swear by it!
It’s free to download!

2. Google TranslateThis is a really handy app which can be used to translate conversation from one language to another just by listening. Voice decoding and even handwriting translation. There is a really cool camera feature which allows you to hover your phone over a word or phrase and it literally decodes it in front o or eyes.Free to download.

3. Apple Maps and Google MapsBoth are essential and play a roll. Obviously if you don’t have an iPhone then you won’t be able to download Apple Maps.Apple Maps are my go-to navigation as I personally believe they give better, clearer directions both when walking and driving.Google Maps are usually packed with more local landmarks and easily identifiable features which is what you want when you’re on the ground walking. Obviously linked to Google search. Google Maps can be download for offline mode which is great when in situations where signal is a problem or your phone provider does not allow you to use your phone in that country.Free to download.

4. Get Your GuideGreat App to see what’s available in the local area you are visiting. Within this app you can see what landmarks are around and are popular with tourists. This can be an easy way to find what a particular city has to offer e.g. monument, museums, markets and tours. You can book tours via the app or just use this for inspiration.Free to download.

5. Trip AdvisorUse this like the above app ‘Get Your Guide’ find out what’s going on in local areas or regions. See reviews about pubs, restaurants, hotels and everything really....Free to download.

5. Taxi app Uber is a great app that is used in many countries and is continually growing its span. Many cities have Uber drivers and this is a great way to use a trusted brand and reviewed driver, before they arrive to pick you up. Some city’s offer a Uber ride sharing service, which if you are happy to allow then via the app you split the fair automatically with whoever hops in the Uber along the way. This is all do via the Uber app and doesn’t put you off course as you’ll all be headed the same direction.
For countries without Uber there are other similar app-based taxi services, such as Bolt or Gett. Super easy to download and set up. They work on the same principle as Uber. I recommend downloading the one you need before getting to the country just so your ready ahead of the game.
All you need is a smart phone with internet and a bank card.

The apps I’ve mentioned are all free to download.

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